Cancellation Policy
The services you select are reserved especially for you.
All facial treatments will be customized for individual skin needs.  All facials include the appropriate massage, mask, moisturizer and sun block.
Specialty Masks
These masks may be added to any facial to enhance your results.
Specialty Treatments
These treatments may be done alone, with any facial treatment, or as a series.
Deep Cleanse
A skin balancing treatment for all skin types to help cleanse the pores and add nutrients to the skin.
                                                               series of 6 - 550.
Lymphatic Drainage Facial
My personal favorite... you receive everything from the Deep Cleanse Facial, along with a lymphatic massage which stimulates the lymphatic system.  Good for all skin types.
                                                               series of 6 - 650.
Phytomer Seawater Pearls Ritual
This treatment offers a series of gentle facial massages using manual techniques and marine boluses: indulge your skin with elements essential to its hydration!
                                                               series of 6 - 650.
Purifying Acne Facial
This is a specific facial for the treatment of adult and teenage acne.
                                                               series of 6 - 550.
Vie Facial
The ultimate anti-aging and revitalizing treatment, using the most advanced technology from the Vie collection.
Bio Ultimate Face Lift Facial
This treatment uses microcurrent technology to tone the skin and reduce signs of aging without the down time and expense of surgery and other more aggressive treatments.  (A series is recommended)
                                                               series of 6 - 580.
                                                                           12 - 1210.
Turbo Lift
Get a quick lift in  less time; perfect service for a special occasion or night out.  Immediate Results!
Venus Epicuren Protein Enzyme
This mask increases capillary flow while improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system.  Firms and tightens the skin while drawing out impurities.
A warm, heated anti-aging mask that allows active ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin.
Aqua Lift
An all around complementary mask.  Refines, cools and refreshes with toning effect.  Good for all skin types.
Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic massage, using a Lymphatice Machine, produces visible results after only one session.  Will improve sun damaged skin and acne conditions.  It can be done alone or added to other treatments.
                                                               series of 10 - 450.      
The latest option in modern skin care.  Consists of safely buffing down successive layers of skin.   It complements other skin care treatments and is excellent for aging and sun damaged skin, acne scarred and hyperpigmented skin.
                                                               add to facial - 75.      
                                                               series of 6 - 600.      
Intensive Exfoliant with AHA
This peel is designed to accelerate removal of the dead cells on the surface of the skin.
                                                               add to facial - 30.
Enzyme Peel
An active triple enzyme and vitamin peel, which dissolves the dead layer of skin cells for easier extraction and smoother skin.
                                                               add to facial - 30.
Soothing Eye treatment
An innovative technique for the eye area.  Reduces puffiness and dark circles, relieves tired eyes, and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.
                                                                 add to facial - 20.
Brow, Lip and Chin Wax
                                                               20.  each
Lash Tint Pre and Post
Operative Treatments
Customized treatments for the special needs of those having undergone plastic surgery.  Treatment is dependent on the type of plastic surgery and is designed to promote healing and minimize scarring.
The services you select are reserved especially for you.
Please notify Venus DeMarco at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment.  Faliure to do so will result in being billed for the entire amount of the reserved appointment.  This also applies to the use of gift certificates, which will become null and void.
Thank you for your consideration.
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